Paisley Fetish

For as long as I can remember I've had this thing for paisley. I love the shape, the bright colors that often go along with it, the exotic flair.... There is something really organic yet elegant about this droplet-shaped motif from Persia.
Turns out that Etsy is full of amazing paisley items. Here are some of the amazing works that caught my eye!

Mosaic paislies intricate earrings by julidadesigns

Colorful jacket bling by casserole

Glittery pendant in pretty pink paisley tiny tin by randomactsofcrafts

Beautiful silver paisley pendant by expressionsbyerica

Want more paisley? These Esty shops have some! Pistachio Paisley Swirl by FunkyChicDesigns; Chili Pepper Paisley Print by orangetreecottage; Paisley Silk tie Bangle by peterenedesigns; Paisley beads by mydesertstudio; Birdhouse by debidoescraft.


casserole said...

What beautiful items! Thank you for including me in such gorgeous company!

--Anne (casserole)

lilyeden said...

you are too sweet....thank you for adding my scarf! mind if i add you to my blogroll at lilyeden.wordpress.com??